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Sheet Music for Small Bands
t_c_w_r_68This category lists original compositions and arrangements fully notated for bands of up to 9 players.   The category covers groups such as saxophone quintets plus rhythm amd combinations of mixed instrumentation - it currently features a Derek Nash original, a piece by Damon Brown and the 2008 prize-winning entry from Nicole Jaques.

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Evolvent (Manuscript)

yuriy_galkin_68_100'Evolvent' was the winning composition by Yuriy Galkin in the small band category of the Dankworth Prize for Jazz Composition 2010, sponsored by the Wavendon Foundation, the Worshipful Company of Musicians and Jazzorg.   The manuscript download covers all parts, including a 'control score' and there is an excellent recording of the piece available via the 'tracks' tab.   The manuscript is 'keyless' or 'chromatic' in that is every part is 'written in C' with all deviations shown as accidentals - this technique is often used for atonal or modal music or for pieces which move through a number of key centres, arguably making them easier to read.

'Big Tune' (Manuscript)

roberts_matt_100'Big Tune' was the winning composition by Matt Roberts in the small band category of the Worshipful Company of Musicians/Jazzorg 2009 competition.   With a strong 'afro-cuban' feel from the 3 percussion, this is an excellent example of small-band writing and an addition to your band's repertoire, not to be missed.   The manuscript download covers all parts, including a 'control score' and there is an excellent audio treatment of the piece available on the 'tracks' tab, recorded by the Trinity College Jazz Ensemble at Ronnie Scott's club.

Empty Heads (Manuscript)

jaques_nicole100'Empty Heads' was the winning composition by Nicole Jaques in the small band category of the Jazzorg/Worshipful Company of Musicians 2008 competition.   Arranged mainly for a sextet, we think that you'll find this a delightful theme and an interesting set of changes on which to improvise.   There's a 'how-to' audio track, too, for you to download.

'Harolds Souk' (Manuscript)

damon_brown_1_144x100.jpg'Harold's Souk' is a superb small-band composition and arrangement by Damon Brown, which is featured on his album 'Good Cop, Bad Cop'.   Originally scored for his quintet as a tribute to the great Harold Land, Damon has added an alto part so that it can be played with 3 horns, if required.   All the parts are available for download, including a 'control score' for the leader.   There is a solos' section, too, which is 'open' and all horn parts have the chords and suggested scales to help players with their improvisation.

Damon has also included a written trumpet solo, in a manageable range, with some emphasis on his preferred scales for the 'A' section.   But if your pianist doesn't embellish the basic triad too much, the work maintains a 'free' feel and all the suggested scales should provide the vehicle to develop your improvisations.

Photo courtesy Bob Meyrick

New York Walk (Manuscript)

nash_derek_img'New York Walk' comes from that master of the saxes, Derek Nash.   Derek wrote the 'Flatiron Suite' inspired by the Colorado mountains and his tour of the US and included this original composition on the 'Flatiron Suite' CD.   The piece is arranged for 5 saxophones plus rhythm section - the line-up of his great band Sax Appeal.   We've included some extra parts for Flugel (or Trumpet) doubling Alto and Trombone doubling Baritone, so you can try it with a mix of instrumentation (but it's best with 5 saxes...).   Derek is justly famous for his association with Sax Appeal and his other band, the funky 'Protect the Beat', but he is also in great demand as a composer/arranger, solo artist, session musician and supporting sideman.   His versatility is boundless and he has appeared with with many top performers as diverse as Eric Clapton, David Sanborn, Tom Jones, Jools Holland, Paul Carrack, Jamie Cullum, Mavis Staples, Will Young, Ruby Turner, George Melly and Sam Brown.   This chart represents his composing and arranging talent at its best.

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