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Sheet music for solo, duo or trio combinations
t_c_w_r_68The solo, duo and trio category provides access to original, fully-notated compositions and arrangements for soloists and combinations of 2 or 3 players. The category currently contains 2 solo piano compositions, specially written for jazzorg by Terry Seabrook.

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'Be Bob' by Terry Seabrook (Manuscript)

seabrook_terry_img'Be Bob' is a brand-new Terry Seabrook composition for solo piano, to give you a real jazz work-out at a grade 6 level.   There are nods to Herbie Hancock, Horace Silver and Bill Evans in the style and some fairly demanding rhythmic, off-beat left hand.   Terry has included an example solo on the changes and the appropriate scales are appended for your own improvisation.   The target metronome mark is crotchet 160 but the piece also sounds great at a gospellish 100.  The composition is dedicated to the genius of Bobby Timmons and, with some practice and perseverance, you can be Bob.

'What If' by Terry Seabrook (Manuscript)

seabrook_terry_img'What If' is a new composition for solo piano by Terry Seabrook, especially for jazzorg.   Written with a Latin 'feel' as a tribute to Chick Corea, the piece has stylistic nods to Bill Evans and Lyle Mays.   In terms of difficulty, the demand of technique is somewhat less than Terry's other composition 'Be Bob' but the syncopated left hand part is deceptive and takes practise.   Some suggested scales are included for you to develop your own solo improvisation.

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