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Aspects of music practice and performance
saxHands_1_100.pngItems in this category deal with the 'nuts and bolts' of practising your music and finding outlets for your product.   Subjects covered to date are 'getting gigs', 'developing improvising skills from a 'classical' background' and 'potential physiological problems of being a practising musician'.   Contact us to make a contribution....

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Jazz Composition Prize - Context.
t_c_w_r_68This item is a brief article from the magazine of the Worshipful Company of Musicians, Autumn 2008 issue, explaining the context of the Jazz Composition Prize.

Improving improvising

imgTeachers can recommend jazz repertoire books, jazz courses and jazz exams: but how does the classically-trained pupil learn to improvise?   Frank Griffith offers some advice.

Gissa Gig - a promoter's perspective

getzlogo_imgTrying to get some jazz gigs?   Brian Benton is the guru at Herts Jazz who, in his spare time, also plays a mean tenor.   Eschewing the image of a camel-coated, cigar-chomping padrone, his article gives the jazz promoter's perspective and some background and practical advice to tyros searching for some exposure.

Handle With Care - fitness for musicians.

thepianistmag_imgIn addition to the professional problems of being a musician, there are occasionally associated medical conditions.   The effects of back pressure in blowing an oboe, hanging a bari around your neck, pre-performance stress, thoracic outlet syndrome, focal dystonia, tendinitis and, on a lighter note, the threat of a reflex right hand, when kissing a horn player.   To sufferers, however, it is no joke and Caroline Rugman discusses the particular problem of repetitive strain injury (RSI)

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  • Reviews (CDs and Recorded Media)  ( 17 items )
    cd_angle_100.pngThis category covers reviews of jazz material including CDs, DVDs, and other recorded material.   Reviews are not necessarily directed at the most recent releases.   If you would like to submit a review, please get in touch with us via the 'contact us' button.   Your review need not be of the artist's 'latest' material - it could be one of your favourites that you would like to tell us about....
  • Performers  ( 9 items )
    pork_pie_1_100.pngThis category selection provides access to stories, inteviews, analyses and other literature dealing with Performers in jazz.   The current material covers interviews with Sir John Dankworth and Pete Cater and a retrospective of Bill Evans.   If you would like to submit an article or an item of a relevant nature, please get in touch with us via the 'contact us' button. Tell us about your jazz.....