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1.     Introduction.

1.1     Any website which asks for personal information has a legal obligation to the user in the way that it uses that data.   In particular, the website must explain how the information will be used, why they are requesting the information and to advise if they propose to pass the information to anyone else.   The only general exceptions are that your information would only be disclosed unilaterally where the site is required to do so by law.   Further, if you post or send offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on or to a site or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on a site, then the website has the right to use whatever information that is available to it, about you, to stop such behaviour.

  1.2     Jazzorg is a jazz community website, sponsored on a not-for-profit basis.   It is dedicated to the promotion of jazz as an art form and, to this end, only requires you to register the minimum of information about yourself.   This information includes only your Name, Alias (a 'nickname') and your email address..   Additionally, we ask for your approximate location, Town etc. and Country, although this data is not mandatory.   We log your last visit to the site and we place a 'session' cookie in your computer, when you make a visit (see section 4 'Cookie Policy').

  2.     Policy.

2.1     Jazzorg  operates within the guidelines outlined in Section 1.   The above is the only data that we hold about you and Jazzorg undertake neither to make it available to any 3rd party nor to use the data for any marketing or commercial activity.   The paucity of the information that you supply will reassure you that it will not be used to keep track of your preferences or determine the most appropriate banner/headline advertising, which may be presented to you, or to obtain any demographic data about you.(if you are getting banners and pop-up's, it's not us but probably your browser....) .   Further, Jazzorg does not permit other sites to set or access cookies on your computer.

  2.2     From time to time, Jazzorg  may wish to change the terms of the policy defined in para 2.1 and it will draw attention on an appropriate web page to such changes so that the user may then make their own choice about disclosure.

  3.     Why register?

3.1     Good question.   Partly it's because we can monitor statistics in terms of downloads and visitors to the site, so that we know that what we're doing is a useful service to the jazz community.   We believe that it is, of course, and we ask for your 'location' so that we can get some idea of the how widespread the service may be used.   More importantly, perhaps, we can use the statistical  information (not your personal data) to persuade potential subscribers that any contribution that they make is going to a worthwhile cause.   We ask you for an 'alias', to enable you to visit and contribute to the site without any incursion into your privacy.

3.2     An additonal workaday reason is that sites permitting unregistered contributions can be spammed with links, among other things.   These links can be in any text and are designed to raise the 'search' profile of the unscrupulous spammer.

  4.     ‘Cookie’ policy.

4.1     There is a great deal of nonsense' talked and written about 'cookies' and a visit to this link will help to explain some of their properties.   Users will be reassured that cookies are not some hackers’ charter aimed at infecting their computers with executable viruses.   Clicking on a cookie on your hard drive will reveal some encrypted text and numerals, which can only be read by the site which deposited it.   The cookie can only contain information which you have provided to the depositing site.

  4.2     One of the primary objectives of Cookies is to make the browsing of a website a convenient and interesting activity.   In this respect, the cookie data often interacts with the site software, for example ‘remembering’ a user if they make a temporary visit to another site.   Some websites use a cookie to determine a user’s preferences, their ‘surfing’ patterns and maybe other demographic data by which they can build a profile for marketing purposes (or, indeed, to identify their ‘shopping basket’ as they browse a site) .   However, the control of cookies is in the hands of the user since they can use their browser to reject cookies entirely, to alert the user to a request to download a cookie or to delete cookies at the end of a browsing session.   Modern browsers can also display all cookies and invite the user to delete or retain the ones of their choice.   Further, they can be set to permit cookies only from selected websites and to reject cookies not originating from the host website.

   4.3     Cookies can either be ’permanent’ in which case they are downloaded to the user’s hard disk, or ‘session’, where they only reside in the computer memory for a given period.

  4.4     Jazzorg  uses a ‘session’ cookie to avoid the necessity of a user logging in every time they return to the site during a particular session.   This cookie expires when the user logs out from the site, when the browser is closed (end of browsing session), when the computer is switched off or within 24hrs, whichever is the soonest.

  4.5     Jazzorg  uses a ’permanent’ cookie only when the user responds to the ‘Remember me’ query, at the login form, in the affirmative (tick) .   This feature is useful if you suffer from ‘password saturation’ in that you don’t have to enter your alias and password details every time you log in.   The cookie lasts for a year from the time it was deposited (unless you delete it, in the meantime!).

  5.     Loss of data.

5.1     If you forget your password, you can click on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ query and Jazzorg will email you a ‘random’ password, which will enable you to login.   You can then change your password to something recognisable in the ‘Your details’ form.

5.2     If you forget your alias, then we have a problem because you can’t re-register (the database only allows one user per email address) .   In that case you need to use the ‘Contact us’ tab at the top of the home page and  send us your registered email address and your password – we’ll then try and sort out your alias.

5.3     If you forget both your alias and password then send us an email from your registered email address explaining the problem and we will then communicate with that email address

  6.     Review your details.

6.1     You can ‘review your details’ (and change them) at any time by selecting that option from the User menu.   This form shows all your information retained by Jazzorg to which we also add the date of your last visit.