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A selection of downloadable music files.
The 'Tracks' menu tab provides access to free downloads of audio jazz tracks, for your listening pleasure. In addition, some tracks support the 'sheet music' downloads as a 'how to play it' guide. All downloads are complete and cover the full spectrum of recorded jazz - sample excerpts are streamed for your immediate review. Tracks are separated into the following 'categories':
  • Big Bands, over 9 players,
  • Small Bands, for 5 to 9 players,
  • Quartets/Quintets,
  • Solo instruments, duos and trios and
  • Vocals

Click on the category heading, below, to view a summary of the items in the category.

  • Big Bands  ( 8 items )
     tracks_icon_68.jpgThe 'Tracks' category for big bands provides background notes for downloadable mp3 tracks of bands in excess of 9 players.   Extract samples can be streamed for immediate review prior to selecting a download.   To date, the category includes tracks from the Allan Ganley Big Band, the Pete Cater Big Band, the James Hamilton 2008 prize-winning entry and some examples of Sammy Nestico charts.
  • Small Bands  ( 7 items )
     tracks_icon_68.jpgThis category lists download tracks from bands of up to 9 players.   Currently featured are the Frank Griffith Nonet, Sax Appeal, Cubana Bop and the prize-winning Nicky Jaques small band composition.   Extracts are streamed so that the item can be reviewed prior to the full track download.
  • Quartets/Quintets  ( 6 items )
     tracks_icon_68.jpgQuartets and quintets, usually one or two horns plus rhythm, are accessed in this 'tracks' category .   Currently, the groups featured are the Andy Panayi Quartet, the Stan Sulzman Quartet and the Allan Ganley Quartet.   Extracts are streamed so that the item can be reviewed prior to the full track download.
  • Solo, duo and trio tracks  ( 3 items )
     tracks_icon_68.jpgThe solo, duo and trio category is intended to provide tracks of solo or small instrument combinations The category currently contains 2 solo piano compositions, specially written for jazzorg by Terry Seabrook and a track by Frank Evans.