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Sheet Music for Big Bands
t_c_w_r_68The sheet music category for big bands provides access to original compositions and arrangements fully notated for bands in excess of 9 players.   Currently, the category features compositions by Allan Ganley, Mark Nightingale, Frank Griffith and the James Hamilton 2008 prize-winning entry.   Contact us to submit your own contributions....

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Unweaving The Rainbow (Manuscript)

roberts_matt_68_100'Unweaving The Rainbow' was the winning composition by Matt Roberts in the big band category of the Dankworth Prize for Jazz Composition 2010, sponsored by the Wavendon Foundation, the Worshipful Company of Musicians and Jazzorg.   This was Matt’s second winning foray for the prize, having won the small group category the previous year.   The manuscript download covers all parts, including a 'conductor score' and there is an excellent big band recording available via the 'tracks' tab.   Note that the piece is in two parts with an introductory section giving a ballad feel followed by 3/4 ensemble and solos.   The manuscript is also 'keyless' or 'chromatic' in that is every part is 'written in C' with all deviations shown as accidentals - this technique is often used for atonal or modal music or for pieces which move through a number of key centres, arguably making them easier to read.

'Date On Sunday' (Manuscript)

beckwith_james_100'Date On Sunday' was the winning composition by James Beckwith in the big band category of the Worshipful Company of Musicians/Jazzorg 2009 competition.   The harmonic voicings and controlled dynamics of the deceptively simple melodic theme is a delight and your band will really enjoy having this piece in the repertoire.   The manuscript download covers all parts, including a 'conductor score' and there is an excellent big band recording by the Trinity College Jazz Ensemble made at Ronnie Scott's club available via the 'tracks' tab.

(Would Ya) Giz It (Manuscript)

hamilton_james100'(Would Ya) Giz It' was the winning composition by James Hamilton in the big band category of the Jazzorg/Worshipful Company of Musicians 2008 competition.   Composed and arranged for a 16-piece band, this is an excellent example of big-band writing and a highly recommended addition to your modern band's repertoire.   The manuscript download covers all parts, including a 'conductor score' and there is an audio rendition available on the 'tracks' tab.

Holland Park (Manuscript)

griffith_frank_3_68_img'Holland Park' is a 3/4 big-band original by Frank Griffith, scored for 5 Saxes, 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones and Rhythm, which can be downloaded complete with a full 'conductor score'.   With voicings that sound 'west coast-ish', this piece will be a superb, modern addition to your band's repertoire   The arrangement will test the dynamics of your drummer, who is featured throughout, so he won't be able to just 'thresh about'.   There is an 'open for solos' section, too, and all horn parts have the chords and suggested scales to help the players with their improvisation, if they want to 'have a go'.   Frank has directed this arrangement at a 'moderately easy' classification but don't let the deceptive simplicity fool you - Pete Cater featured the piece on his CD 'The Right Time' because of its quality.   Pete's track is used as the 'how to play it' download!

The ensemble 'shouts' are not too demanding, an occasional top Eb for lead trumpet, but as usual on a relatively 'easy' piece, it will be the musicianship that shows.   Watch the dynamics and, if you want to learn a bit more about arranging, listen to the Pete Cater track, whilst reading the score!


nightingale3a68_imgWow!   Mark Nightingale has concocted a superb Latin American big-band romp just for you!   Is 'Carnifest!' a protein-fuelled, meat-eaters' blast or a wild Brazilian party combining a carnival and a festival?   Dunno, but either way, it's perfect as a rip-roaring, crowd-pleasing finish for your first set.

The manuscript download has the usual 5 saxes, 4 trumpets and 4 trombones and percussion/melody guitar parts are added to the piano, bass and drums rhythm.   And, of course, there is a Conductor Score.   The composition is so new we haven't got an audio guide but, as soon as Mark has got his band into a recording studio again, we'll post the track to show you how it should be played.   The target metronome mark is minim=96 so don't play it too slowly and lose that excitement.   It's a chance for your drummer to cut loose and maybe you could buy your conductor a samba-whistle so that he can join in the fun!

'Down the Line' (Manuscript)

allan_ganley_img'Down The Line' is a superb, big-band original by Allan Ganley.   A '2-feel' groove, moving into '4' with some lovely voicings and solis, makes this a swinger just right for your band.   The arrangement is scored for 5 Saxes, 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones and Rhythm and there is a guitar part with written melody, together with a full 'conductor score'.   The saxophones are soprano-led but, if your lead alto can't play, or can't afford, a soprano, there is an alternative alto part (the soprano sounds better....).

We rate this as 'slightly difficult' mainly because the 'shouts' may test a 'rehearsal band' brass section.   However,your performance will benefit from some concentrated practice of the difficult passages and the score is a perfect example of the application of dynamics, expression and articulation across the sections.   (Reading the conductor score, whilst listening to the audio download, is a master class in arranging by itself but all you score readers will note the small difference that the ensemble repeat at 'J' is omitted and left to the soprano solo! - otherwise it's the same as the score.)

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