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pork_pie_1_100.pngThis category selection provides access to stories, inteviews, analyses and other literature dealing with Performers in jazz.   The current material covers interviews with Sir John Dankworth and Pete Cater and a retrospective of Bill Evans.   If you would like to submit an article or an item of a relevant nature, please get in touch with us via the 'contact us' button. Tell us about your jazz.....

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2010 - A Punter's Story

festival.jpg The Scandinavians have always struck me as having a rich vein of jazz culture right from my early exposure to Bengt Halberg , stumbled upon at an Oslo club, Lars Gullin at a packed and reverential Flamingo Club, Arne Domnérus on record, the Steeplechase Record Label and everything I heard by the Charlie Parker of the double bass, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (otherwise known as 'NHØP‘, because life is too short).  This is a visitor's look at the popular Copenhagen Jazz festival 2010 to see how that vein is progressing

The World View of Mike Gibbs

img Mike Gibbs, a composer and arranger whose work has been described, by The Observer, as 'rich, warm and spiced with gentle wit' and who has 'the rare talent of being able to compose music which is both highly original and entirely listener-friendly, with a style that is instantly recognisable.' reached his 70th birthday.   In October 2007, as a celebration of his contribution to jazz, the New World Rhythms of Mike Gibbs toured the U.K. to some critical acclaim.   Frank Griffith wrote the programme notes for the tour, which form the substance of this article.

Contemporary Traditionalists


A jazz revival in the early eighties was led by the clean-living Wynton and Branford Marsalis.   As record companies promoted the 'young lions', many new players enjoyed opportunities unavailable to their predecessors only a few years earlier.   The development of five important saxophonists, Joe Lovano, Joshua Redman, Mark Turner, Chris Potter and Branford Marsalis is examined by Frank Griffith

Michael Brecker

Michael Brecker died on 12th January 2007 and, on 20th February, a memorial event was held at The Town Hall, West 43rd Street, NYC.   Tim Ouimette was there and shares his recollections of the evening and of the man.

Dialogue - Frank Griffith talks to Sir John Dankworth

imgWriting jazz for film scores has its particular problems.   Frank Griffith discusses the aspects of Jazz in 1960s British New Wave Cinema with Sir John Dankworth

Dialogue - Frank Griffith talks to Pete Cater

imgThe economics of presenting a professional big band and maintaining musical integrity in the repertoire is a challenge that requires dedication and courage.   Frank Griffith looks at the music and explores the issues with Pete Cater

Arranging for 'Hamp'

imgFrank Griffith recollects doing some arrangements for Lionel Hampton.   A nice picture of the musical climate, the times and the people.

Burt Collins

imgTim Ouimette doesn't want to come across as the official 'obituary guy' but he thinks that Burt Collins ought to be remembered.

Quiet Fire - a view of Bill Evans

evans_bill_imgMuch has been written on the music of Bill Evans and his influence on his fellow musicians.   Nick Shave takes a closer look at his personality.

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