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 tracks_icon_68.jpgQuartets and quintets, usually one or two horns plus rhythm, are accessed in this 'tracks' category .   Currently, the groups featured are the Andy Panayi Quartet, the Stan Sulzman Quartet and the Allan Ganley Quartet.   Extracts are streamed so that the item can be reviewed prior to the full track download.

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On A Misty Night
Tadd Dameron is sometimes described as the 'bebop romantic' and this soubriquet is no better confirmed than by his beautiful composition 'On A Misty Night'.   In this rendition, the golden-toned Damon Brown, working in a quartet format with Leon Greening on piano, and a rhythm section comprising Ben Hazleton on bass and Seb Rochford at the drums, play a superb interpretation.   From the 'head' through Damon's marvellously constructed solo to Leon's equally inspired response and rounded off by some sensitive 'fours' from Ben and Seb, the recording is a gem.   You can hear a sample of the track by clicking on the heading or download direct at [this link]   We guarantee that you'll love the cool groove.

Harold's Souk (Audio)
The title track of Damon Brown's European FAM recording and featured again on Good Cop, Bad Cop, Harold's Souk' is a tribute to the great Harold Land.   This track features Ed Jones (tnr), Leon Greening (pno), Ben Hazleton (bass) and Seb Rochford at the drums and opens with a plaintive trumpet/tenor call against some free drumming.   A switch to latin, for the melody, breaks the tension and there are excellent solos from Damon, Ed and Leon.   Clicking on the image will take you to Damon's website or clicking on the heading enables you to hear a sample of the track.   Alternatively, you can go straight to the full track download for listening or as a guide to Damon's arrangement (available on the 'sheet music' tab) by clicking on the 'downloads' tab or go direct at [this link]   This is great jazz but don't just listen to us banging the drum –read a few quotes from the critics:

'Damon Brown injected an astonishing range of colour and emotion into the briefest phrases , coaxing softly seductive whispers from the trumpet before suddenly letting loose with hard gleaming clarion calls.' - James Griffiths, The Guardian.

'Outstanding playing and composing.   Fresh, original and to the point'. - lan Carr.

'Damon Brown and his friends play with real fire.' - Jerome Wilson, Cadence magazine.

John Fordham on 'Sincerely Whatever':
'Streets away from being a retro-set, this cracking session gives straight-ahead listeners all the hustling uptempo blowing on bristling bop melodies they could want (check Brown's poise and mix of glowing and growling, and the still-evolving Jones's multilayered lyricism at speed on Last of the Mohitos).   A drum'n'bass feel unexpectedly drives the otherwise dreamily elegant Marielyst, the two horns dance in hymnal slow harmony on Prayer, and Walkin' On imaginatively sets up an understated Brown funk vocal with a softly pumping bass-clarinet riff.   Telling tunes, coolly crafted harmonies, powerful horn-playing and a great young rhythm section in bassist Ben Hazleton and drummer Troy Miller.'

'Em 'n En' - Andy Panayi Quartet
The Andy Panayi Quartet stars Mark Nightingale on Trombone, together with Andy on Baritone and the superb rhythm section of Simon Woolf on bass and Steve Brown on drums.   Their most recent recording is their piano-less tribute to Gerry Mulligan, 'News From Blueport' (WVCD 109), on which they play the Mark Nightingale composition 'Em 'N' En', originally written to be featured by the James Morrison Band.   You can download the full track at [this link] , hear a sample by clicking the heading and you can access the CD source by clicking on the image.

As respected critic John Fordham says:

'The old arguments that you'd be better off listening to the originals don't apply, because Panayi and the buoyant, superhumanly fluent trombonist Mark Nightingale capture so much of this old two-horn format's freshness that it becomes a new experience.'

And this from the doyen of saxophonists, Alan Barnes, particularly speaking of Mark's performance:

'Mark is at the forefront of the new breed of highly-technical, musical and swinging players of the trombone.   In fact, he showed the way for others to follow, by being able to execute ideas with saxophone-like dexterity but without losing any of the brassy qualities of his horn'

'I Wish' - Stan Sulzman Quartet
'I Wish' is a beautiful ballad from the Stan Sulzmann Quartet.  Recorded at a 'live' session, it is an object lesson in tenor playing.   Click on the image to get to the Stan Sulzmann website, click on the heading to hear a sample or click on [this link] , to get to the full 'I Wish' download.

'Christopher Columbus' - Stan Sulzmann Quartet
'Jig Saw' is a superb CD from the Stan Sulzmann Quartet, which, as the blurb says, puts him in world class company, where he belongs.   Featuring Marc Copland on piano, Larry Grenadier on bass and Bill Stewart on drums, reviewer John Kelman said " simply doesn't get any better than this".   'Christopher Columbus' was recorded earlier in Stan's career and is an example of his burgeoning talent.   Click on the image to get to the Stan Sulzmann website, click on the heading to hear a sample or click on [this link] , to get to the full 'Christopher Columbus' download.

'Au Privave' - Allan Ganley Quartet
A track from the impeccable Allan Ganley Quartet comprising Dave Cliff on guitar, Geoff Simpkins alto, Dave Green on bass and, of course, Allan on drums.   From their CD 'Live at the Station' (JAGZ CD04) you can download the full track 'Au Privave' at [this link] , hear a sample by clicking the heading and you can access the CD source by clicking on the image.   This is session jazz at its best but don't take our word for it, the reviewers thought so, too.....

"Jazz doesn't come any better than this ...."     (Al Merritt, Jazz Journal)

"...this is the classic bebop style revisited with immense affection....his (Allan's) coolly ticking cymbal beat and excitable high-hat clap is as devoted to driving the band rather than advertising himself.   Guitarist Dave Cliff, combining Wes Montgomery's chord-playing with a harder-struck, long-lined sound, is on sharp form.   Saxophonist Geoff Slmpkins mingles Charlie Parker with the imperturbable Cool School sax sound, and bassist Dave Green's four-four walk is at its most genially insistent."     (John Fordham, The Guardian)

"....there is no need to worry about the future of jazz in Britain whilst these seasoned and gifted players are around." (Sir John Dankworth)

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     tracks_icon_68.jpgThe 'Tracks' category for big bands provides background notes for downloadable mp3 tracks of bands in excess of 9 players.   Extract samples can be streamed for immediate review prior to selecting a download.   To date, the category includes tracks from the Allan Ganley Big Band, the Pete Cater Big Band, the James Hamilton 2008 prize-winning entry and some examples of Sammy Nestico charts.
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